Skins UK Episode 1 Review

It’s going to be strange reviewing this considering I’d seen the first few episodes of the US adaptation prior to this one episode and I’m pretty sure I liked the US pilot better.

The basic premise is simple: Skins is the british version of the movie KIDS. It’s a bunch of drug doing, sex crazed underaged teens. It’s the validation of every psych paper saying that our youth are becoming more irresponsible and acting less mature than any previous generation. Big whoop, these kids would say. Is it really so wrong to enjoy sex?

According to this group, not at all. Hell, it starts with the main character Tony Stonem (Percy Jackson‘s Nicholas Hoult) waking up with his blanket pulled tight. What might be on the blanket of a sex crazed underage kid? Sexy Wonder Woman perhaps? Nope. His blanket is the shoulder down picture of a naked man and a naked woman. And yes, this kid stays with his parents. No emancipated minor here.

After making fun of his main “girlfriend” Michelle (April Pearson) for her weird nipples and checking out the naked older lady across the street (the lady knows of her admirer, by the way), he gets moving with the day’s mission: pop his best friend Sid Jenkins’s cherry like it’s a balloon and he’s got the needle. Because if his friend is still a virgin by his 17th birthday, they obviously can’t be friends.

The plan is simple: they go a party where his Sid (played by Mike Bailey) is the big kahuna supplying all the weed and they hook him up with their recently-released-from-the-mental-hospital Cassie Ainsworth (Hanna Murray), who agreed to it because… well, Michelle said it was going to happen. It’s too bad it’s obvious Sid is in love with Michelle.

Did I mention Slumdog Millionaire is in it, too? Yes, it’s Dev Patel as Anwar Kharral, a young sex crazed Muslim boy. In fact, the first time we meet his character is in the middle of prayer when he answers his phone and starts asking if there will be a lot of pussy at the party later.

As you might imagine, things go worse than could be hoped. Sid is pressured by the drug dealer to take three ounces instead of one, and on credit too (he’ll have 48 hours to pay it back), the party they end up at is hosted by a snobby girl who can’t have smoking in her house because of the new new wallpaper “mommy just had flown in”, Cassie has a lot of fun on a trampoline then tells Sid he better fuck her fast because she took a lot of pills, and finally they steal a car from the party so they can dump her at the hospital doorstep but when she wakes up fine they end up driving it into a lake and down it goes. Along with the three ounces of pricey weed, I might add.

So being a sex crazed underage kid is hardly the glamorous life we’ve all been led to believe it is. But it is interesting. The only criticism I might have is the casting of the Tony. Though I am a fan of the actor’s later work, the character is supposed to be a real lady’s man and the actor is a much better fit for the not too confident type that rises up to become a hero. This might be because I’ve seen a bit of the US version and the kid playing the main character is such an overconfident and womanizing asshole that the original just doesn’t measure up, but nonetheless it’s about 5% off from perfect.

Personally, I think while it’s not as good as the US Pilot, which I can remember rewinding because some of the moments were so good, it’s definitely something people can get into. Most of the heat from fans of the UK series is just that: they were fans of the UK series and it’s not exactly the same.

If you have Netflix or are considering the 30-Day Free Trial, this is something I would check out. I’d say wait till I assess both the US and the UK versions, but America went into a giant hissy fit over it and it got cancelled in it’s first season, while this show is already in it’s 7th Series (season in british) with the first 6 already on Netflix.

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If you’re still on the fence, check out the trailer below. Keep in mind this is a promo and doesn’t show glimpses into any of the actual scenes, but you’ll get the idea of what the show is all about from watching it. Cheers. 🙂

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