The League Episode One Review

I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of football. The one game I ever watched was in 7th grade when I bet another kid a dollar the team he was making fun of would win the Superbowl. I think it was The Patriots. They won the Superbowl by a point and he still owes me a dollar.

But watching The League, a show in which a band of 5 friends who are all slightly weird in their own little ways play out their yearly season of fantasy football, is incredibly more interesting. I didn’t know how fantasy football worked before watching this show and thankfully they didn’t waste my time trying to explain it, so I only had to watch the interesting parts. So in other words, the entire 2 Seasons on Netflix.

So the question is, after having already watched two seasons, does the first episode still hold up as a quality piece of viewing pleasure or is it radically different than the series I’ve come to love ala show pilots like Seinfeld and to a lesser extent Psych?

I’ll have to go with the former choice. This is a show that knew what it was from the beginning and if it’s changed over the two seasons it was a natural evolution that when looking back didn’t make the earlier episodes look inferior.

So what makes this show about 3 time league champion Pete Eckhart (Mark Duplass), assistant district attorney Kevin MacArthur (Stephen Rannazzisi), Jewish product-liability attorney Rodney Ruxin (Nick Kroll), plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Nowzick (Paul Scheer), and Kevin’s stoned, unemployed little brother Taco MacArthur (Jon Lajoie) getting together for essentially an “adult” roleplaying game?

Well, for starters four minutes in Pete’s wife (played by the journalist Tony Stark shagged in Iron Man) jumps him for sex and in the middle butt rapes him with her finger then pushes him off, slaps him on the very recently defiled area and says “good show, old boy” before strutting herself to the bathroom. Kevin essentially runs his team by saying “yes, dear” because he’s another guy with his wife’s hand stuck up his ass (ventriloquist pun), but he does have a penchant for tricking his less gullible opponents into making awful trade choices. Ruxin is so desperate to win that he chases a very underage boy like  a guy you wouldn’t be surprised seeing on To Catch A Predator because the kid is called “The Oracle” of fantasy football.

“Doctor” Andre is rich as hell with a loft with 4 guest bedrooms but no one to fill because he’s the bald loser everyone makes fun of and is so ignorant the guys let him pick a player 3 years retired. And finally Taco, my favorite character, is just so stupid he becomes a chick magnet. He makes draft choices with pretty much no knowledge of what he’s doing yet somehow he’s the only one besides Pete who has his name on the fantasy football trophy.

Ah, the trophy! That in itself is gold. Later down the line you’ll get the whole glorious story and experience of the trophy, but to give you the small insight it’s got a plaque of Shiva, a hot nerdy girl from high school they all have a very, very sexual crush on.

As a non-sports fan, I’m just glad boring football was invented and the much more boring “sport” of fantasy football JUST so this awesome show could be invented. If you have Netflix or are considering the 30-Day Free Trial, this is definitely a show that will tickle that funny bone. So get the chips and dips, gather the friends over, and say “forget football, we’re gonna watch The League on Netflix.” lol.

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If you’re still on the fence, check out the long and very fun trailer below.

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